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Personalized Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

  • Require at least 4 weeks to create – Please use the contact form in the sidebar to confirm there is enough available time in my schedule to create a personalized custom cake topper by your wedding date.
  • Each Personalized Custom Wedding Cake Toppers start at $650.00 plus shipping for the custom bride and groom
    • Adding pets to your personalized custom wedding cake topper cost an additional $50.00 per pet.
    • The additional costs of including motorcycles, bikes and accessories vary.
  • A minimum deposit of $325.00 is required to place the order
    • To submit your deposit after you have confirmed¬†availability, choose the cake topper sample that best matches what you want designed.
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  • Photo Requirements:¬† Front & Side view of faces and pets, wedding attire, hairstyles, flowers, pose
    • After submitting your deposit, please email me the the required photos so I can begin sculpting.