“Our Work of Art” – Mr. & Mrs. R. Cardenas

Photo by Dave McLaughlin, http://www.dcmphotography.com

We commissioned Elizabeth Bonura to make our personalized cake topper after her work was recommended to us and we are so happy that we did.

The Bride's Tattoos!

Photo by http://momentsfromtheheart.com

The piece that she has created for us is fantastic! Her attention to detail was amazing.  We met with Elizabeth and she preceded to gather the information she needed to make the piece, getting details of the dress, tux, even the jewelry that we would be wearing.  We provided pictures of everything she needed and Elizabeth worked her magic.


Elizabeth is a true artist and the sculpture she created is such a good likeness to myself and my husband.  We received so many positive comments on the day and it is sure to continue to be a talking point for many years to come and also a treasured piece that will continue to take us back to our special day.
I can not thank Elizabeth enough, simply amazing…


Mr & Mrs R Cardenas

Just a selection of comments from some of our guests

“Excellent cake topper, great finishing details to the bride and groom. Would recommend you to everyone.”   Mr & Mrs S. Jackson  ENGLAND


Photo by http://momentsfromtheheart.com

“An amazing finished product!  The first thing I noticed was the attention to detail, so much so that I was literally drawn to it in an effort to see more! A commendable effort which the maker should be very proud of :)”Miss K Connell  ENGLAND

“Elizabeth did such an amazing job on the cake topper.  The figurines actually looked like Larrisa and Ramon.  It’s by far the best topper I’ve ever seen and it made the cake so much more personal!” Miss K Catsonis  USA


“I’ve never seen such a unique topper. The attention to detail was amazing and I know the bride was so pleased!”  Miss T Vaags  CANADA

“Best little cake topper in Texas!!!! The detail was amazing right down to the tattoo and the groom’s silver fox hair. The dress and veil on the bride was an exact replica. Truly an heirloom!!!”      Ms H Lamb  USA

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