A Twist on Traditionally Posed Wedding Cake Toppers!

A Vegas Wedding!

A Traditionally Posed Custom Cake Topper for a Vegas Wedding!

Consider putting a twist on the “Traditional” pose where the bride and groom are standing side by side.  You can do this by creating a personalized custom wedding cake topper or wedding sculpture that is based off of your photographs!  The personalized custom wedding cake toppers and wedding sculptures in this section are examples created for past customers.  Yours will be as unique as you are – complete with your wedding attire, hairstyle, shoes and bouquet!  To order a personalized custom wedding cake topper or wedding sculpture, first confirm there is enough availble time for me to sculpt your custom order. Then click on a sample to submit your deposit.  Once your deposit has been paid, you may email me your photos.  After I finish sculpting your personalized custom wedding cake topper or wedding sculpture I will email you a photo of it for approval.  Once approved, the final payment plus shipping is due.  Please feel free to contact me with your ideas or questions by using the form in the sidebar.


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