About Artist, Elizabeth Bonura

Elizabeth On HGTV's "That's Clever!"

“As a child, Elizabeth Bonura was captivated by a life-size sculpture of her father as a baby and wanted to make something similar. Unable to find classes in figurative sculpture at school, she pursued other artistic endeavors. That was until she found a book about polymer clay. She loved that it required no painting and no kiln and that it was so easy to work with. She taught herself the art of figurative sculpture and began making pieces for family and friends. Today, in addition to being a full time mom, she also spends her time creating personalized and very life-like polymer clay figures that often commemorate a special event in a person’s life.” That’s Clever!

Porcelain Portrait Wedding Sculpture

Artist, Elizabeth Bonura & her Wedding Sculpture

Elizabeth Bonura lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two sons.  She use to be a preschool/elementary school teacher and teaches private art lessons in her home studio when she is not sculpting custom cake toppers for her customers!  Elizabeth has been sculpting with polymer clay since 1994.  Her first “Portrait Sculpture” was created for her own wedding after trying to find a cake topper that represented her and her husband.  With no luck of finding a sculpture of groom with a goatee, she created one that not only captured their appearances, but also their wedding attire.  The sculpture was such a success, Elizabeth’s husband suggested she create www.weddingsculptures.com to share her talents with others who could not find that special sculpture or figurine to represent them.